Michael S. Porter

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GenGIS is free and open source software designed to integrate biodiversity data with a digital map and information about geography and habitat. While originally developed with microbial community analyses and phylogeography in mind, GenGIS has been applied to a wide range of datasets. A key feature of GenGIS is the ability to test geographic axes that can(More)
The increasing availability of genetic sequence data associated with explicit geographic and ecological information is offering new opportunities to study the processes that shape biodiversity. The generation and testing of hypotheses using these data sets requires effective tools for mathematical and visual analysis that can integrate digital maps,(More)
BACKGROUND Homology-based taxonomic assignment is impeded by differences between the unassigned read and reference database, forcing a rank-specific classification to the closest (and possibly incorrect) reference lineage. This assignment may be correct only to a general rank (e.g. order) and incorrect below that rank (e.g. family and genus). Algorithms(More)
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