Michael S. Phillips

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GH release is thought to occur under the reciprocal regulation of two hypothalamic peptides, GH releasing hormone (GHRH) and somatostatin, via their engagement with specific cell surface receptors on the anterior pituitary somatotroph. In addition, GH-releasing peptides, such as GHRP-6 and the nonpeptide mimetics, L-692,429 and MK-0677, stimulate GH release(More)
As part of our effort in developing a spoken language system for interactive problem solving, we recently collected a sizeable amount of speech data. This database is composed of spontaneous sentences which were collected during a simulated human/machine dialogue. Since a computer log of the spoken dialogue was maintained, we were able to ask the subjects(More)
Recently, we initiated a project to develop a phonetically-based spoken language understanding system called SUMMIT. In contrast to many of the past efforts that make use of heuristic rules whose development requires intense knowledge engineering, our approach attempts to express the speech knowledge within a formal framework using well-defined mathematical(More)
This paper describes PEGASUS, a spoken language interface for on-line air travel planning that we have recently developed. PEGASUS leverages off our spoken language technology development in the ATIS domain, and enables users to book flights using the American Airlines EAASY SABRE system. The input query is transformed by the speech understanding system to(More)