Michael S. O'Brien

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In a previous genome scan of 43 schizophrenia pedigrees, nonparametric linkage (NPL) scores with empirically derived pointwise P-values less than 0.01 were observed in two regions (chromosomes 2q12-13 and 10q23) and less than 0.05 in three regions (4q22-23, 9q22, and 11q21). Markers with a mean spacing of about 5 cM were typed in these regions in an(More)
Mercury (Hg) can reach toxic concentrations in aquatic habitats, sometimes as a consequence of human activity. Mercury can have deleterious effects, particularly in piscivorous mammals in which it bioaccumulates. Furs from trapper-provided female otter (Lontra canadensis) carcasses in Nova Scotia were analyzed for total Hg. Concentrations of total Hg in fur(More)
Certain technical demands must be overcome in order to accomplish the goals of creating a functional hand when performing a central digital ray resection of the hand. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining metacarpal gap closure and in such a way that the metacarpals are balanced and not rotated. Inadequate closure of the defect created between the(More)
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