Michael S. Lawless

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The incidence of biopsy-proven cervical neoplasia during a 10-year follow-up was determined in 6838 parous women who entered the Oxford-Family Planning Association contraceptive study while using oral contraceptives and 3154 parous women who entered the study while using an intrauterine device (IUD). Risk factors for cervical neoplasia, continuation of(More)
Superficial keratectomy, penetrating and lamellar keratoplasty have all been advocated when intervention in Reis Bucklers' corneal dystrophy is necessary because of diminished visual acuity. In this study, 11 eyes were treated by phototherapeutic keratectomy with an excimer laser. Two eyes had previously been treated by penetrating keratoplasty. The visual(More)
BACKGROUND Quantitative structure-activity (QSAR) models have enormous potential for reducing drug discovery and development costs as well as the need for animal testing. Great strides have been made in estimating their overall reliability, but to fully realize that potential, researchers and regulators need to know how confident they can be in individual(More)
Refractive outcomes following cataract surgery in patients that have previously undergone laser refractive surgery have traditionally been underwhelming. This is related to several key issues including the preoperative assessment (keratometry) and intraocular lens power calculations. Peer-reviewed literature is overwhelmed by the influx of methodology to(More)
The introduction of femtosecond lasers to cataract surgery has been the major disruptive technology introduced into ophthalmic surgery in the last decade. Femtosecond laser cataract surgery (FLACS) integrates high-resolution anterior segment imaging with a femtosecond laser allowing key steps of cataract surgery to be performed with computer-guided laser(More)
While previous research has demonstrated the powerful influence of pleasant and unpleasant music on emotions, the present study utilizes functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to assess the positive and negative emotional responses as demonstrated in the brain when listening to music convolved with varying room acoustic conditions. During fMRI scans,(More)
The incidence of serious psychiatric illness, as measured by first referral to hospital for specialist advice and treatment, has been investigated among 16,746 women taking part in the Oxford Family Planning Association contraceptive study. Of these women, 9,504 were recruited while using oral contraceptives, 4,144 while using a diaphragm and 3,098 while(More)
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