Michael S Haupert

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OBJECTIVE Postoperative recovery after tonsillectomy using Coblation excision (CES) was compared with conventional electrosurgery (ES). STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Patients aged 3 to 12 years from 3 clinical sites were randomly assigned and blinded to receive tonsillectomy using CES (n = 44) or ES (n = 45). RESULTS Operative parameters did not differ(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the percentage of mucosal surface area of adenoids infected with biofilms removed from children with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) vs children with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). DESIGN Comparative microanatomical investigation of adenoid mucosa from patients with CRS and OSA using scanning electron microscopy. SETTING(More)
A case of a 62-year-old man with a large mediastinal mass who had undergone aortocoronary bypass grafting 17 years earlier is presented. Computed tomography showed a 13-cm extrinsic cystic mass believed to represent a pericardial cyst or teratoma. Intraoperatively, the patient was noted to have an aneurysm of his right coronary artery bypass graft. We were(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the percent mucosal surface area of adenoids removed from children with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) and those with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) infected with biofilms. DESIGN Comparative micro-anatomic investigation of adenoid mucosa using scanning electron microscopy from patients with CRS and OSA. SUBJECTS 4 females and 12 males(More)
OBJECTIVES We compared the biofilm surface density of adenoids removed from children with recurrent acute otitis media (RAOM) to that of adenoids removed from children with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). METHODS We performed a comparative microanatomic study of adenoid mucosa using scanning electron microscopy in patients with diagnoses of(More)
This paper investigates the political determinants of government decisions that benefit special interests, and specifically government decisions to deal with banking crises. I find that governments make smaller fiscal transfers to the financial sector and are less likely to exercise forbearance in dealing with insolvent financial institutions the more(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the addition of BCS (balloon catheter sinuplasty) would improve the treatment outcome in children with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) compared to FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery). STUDY DESIGN Two-group, retrospective cohort with blinded chart review comparison. SETTING Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of phenylephrine hydrochloride, a topical vasoconstrictor, in preventing tympanostomy tube obstruction. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial of patients undergoing myringotomy with tympanostomy tube insertion. SETTING Academic, tertiary referral medical center. PATIENTS Two hundred eight(More)
We conducted a large-scale retrospective study to compare the surgical efficacy, practical utility, safety, and costeffectiveness of ultrasonic harmonic scalpel tonsillectomy, hot electrocautery, and cold surgical dissection. We based our findings on the length of operating time, complication rates, the length of hospital stay for patients with(More)
Many management approaches have been considered to relieve upper respiratory obstruction in patients with Pierre Robin sequence, but the choice of treatment is determined by the severity of the obstruction. These options include prone positioning, the use of a nasal trumpet, and surgery. One surgical technique is the subperiosteal release of the floor of(More)