Michael S Goodson

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The Toll/NF-kappaB pathway is a common, evolutionarily conserved innate immune pathway that modulates the responses of animal cells to microbe-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs). Because MAMPs have been implicated as critical elements in the signaling of symbiont-induced development, an expressed sequence tag library from the juvenile light organ of(More)
BACKGROUND Biologists are becoming increasingly aware that the interaction of animals, including humans, with their coevolved bacterial partners is essential for health. This growing awareness has been a driving force for the development of models for the study of beneficial animal-bacterial interactions. In the squid-vibrio model, symbiotic Vibrio fischeri(More)
Examination of the EST database of the light organ of the Hawaiian bobtail squid Euprymna scolopes revealed a sequence with similarity to complement C3. RACE yielded the full open reading frame of this protein. Analysis of the resultant sequence revealed that Es-C3 (E. scolopes-C3) has conserved residues and domains known to be critical for C3 function. The(More)
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