Michael S Givel

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BACKGROUND Throughout the 1990s the tobacco lobby was a potent political force in US state legislatures advancing its pro-tobacco agenda. OBJECTIVE To describe the market and political motivations of the tobacco lobby and the strategies they use to achieve these goals in US state legislatures. DESIGN This study is a content analysis and summary overview(More)
OBJECTIVES To document tobacco industry involvement in thwarting enactment of a smoke-free airport policy at Lambert-St Louis International Airport (Lambert Airport) in the 1990s; and to test whether smoking rooms at Lambert Airport protect non-smokers from exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) in adjacent non-smoking areas. METHODS Tobacco industry(More)
OBJECTIVES Since the early 1980s, neo-liberals have argued that command and control regulation (such as modern tobacco control programs) are costly in supporting corporate markets and profits. Some recent social constructionists have also argued that weak and symbolic command and control policies are necessary to maintain corporate productivity. This paper(More)
From 1980 to 1994, the Canadian government enacted major tax increases on tobacco products. These actions initiated significant tobacco smuggling from the United States into Canada through a few U.S. Native American reservations to undercut the price of Canadian tobacco products. The tobacco industry blamed rampant smuggling on excessive taxation; however,(More)
OBJECTIVES This investigation sought to define policy and political factors related to the undermining of Florida's successful Tobacco Pilot Program in 1999. METHODS Data were gathered from interviews with public health lobbyists, tobacco control advocates, and state officials; news reports; and public documents. RESULTS As a result of a recent legal(More)
In Health Care Reform Now!, George Halvorson, who is the chair and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Inc in Oakland, California, and CEO of HealthPartners in Minneapolis, calls for 2 major reforms of the US health care system: universal health care coverage for all citizens, including 46(More)
On June 20, 1997 a group of attorneys and health advocates proposed a "global settlement" of all public and private litigation against the tobacco industry. This agreement was controversial, and the subsequent implementing legislation was defeated. We sought to determine whether the global settlement represented a "missed opportunity" or a dead end. We(More)
OBJECTIVES To document and analyze comprehensive Oklahoma state tobacco policy-making trends and their link to public health trends. METHODS A historical qualitative and archival content overview and analysis from 1985 to the present of previously secret tobacco industry documents. RESULTS The 2002 Oklahoma State Plan for Tobacco Use Prevention and(More)