Michael S. Dunnill

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A group of renal pathologists, nephrologists, and transplant surgeons met in Banff, Canada on August 2-4, 1991 to develop a schema for international standardization of nomenclature and criteria for the histologic diagnosis of renal allograft rejection. Development continued after the meeting and the schema was validated by the circulation of sets of slides(More)
Sixteen rabbits were anaesthetized and subjected to saline lavage of the lungs to produce surfactant deficiency. This resulted in an arterial oxygen tension of less than 12 kPa on 100% inspired oxygen and an inflection point on the pressure-volume curve at a pressure of 8–12 mmHg. After lavage the animals were randomly assigned to receive either(More)
In the period 1968-76, necropsies were carried out on 30 patients who had been treated by long-term intermittent maintenance haemodialysis. Fourteen of these patients developed bilateral cystic disease of the kidney. Clinical, pathological, and radiological investigation of these patients when they first presented did not reveal any evidence of renal cystic(More)
The pathological features of 20 cases dying in status asthmaticus have been studied. In gross sections the lungs showed no emphysema, but mucus plugs in the air passages and focal areas of collapse were outstanding features. Five cases showed cystic bronchiectasis which was of a similar distribution to the focal areas of collapse, occurring in the upper(More)
Legionnaires' disease was diagnosed in two patients in a transplant unit, both patients having occupied the same postoperative cubicle shortly before onset of their illnesses. Legionella pneumophila was found in water taken from the cubicle shower bath and from other showers in the unit. To eradicate the legionellae, the water supply was treated with(More)