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BACKGROUND Early functional rehabilitation is widely used after open suture repair of the Achilles tendon. To our knowledge, no previous studies have assessed gap formation from cyclic loading and subsequent failure loads of simulated Achilles tendon repairs. A synthetic (polyblend) suture has been introduced for tendon repairs with reportedly greater(More)
This study investigated the significance of echocardiographic left atrial enlargement as measured by the left atrial dimension corrected for body surface area in 24 patients with pure aortic stenosis established by cardiac catheterization. Echocardiographic evidence of left atrial enlargement occurred in 11 of 15 patients (73%) with an aortic valve area(More)
Osseointegrated implants are a common therapy for the elderly population as lifespan increases. Understanding the effects of age and sex on osseointegration is important for successful implant therapy. Therefore, the response of primary human osteoblasts (HOB) to implant materials was studied. HOBs were obtained by outgrowth of cells from bone from(More)
Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is used as an alternative to titanium in medical devices. Previous in vitro studies examining PEEK have differed in their choice of polymer variant [PEEK or carbon-fiber reinforced PEEK (CFR-PEEK)], source of polymer (some of which are no longer available or for implantation) and cell type. While all studies demonstrated(More)
BACKGROUND The current treatment of displaced ligamentous injuries of the tarsometatarsal (TMT) joints is open reduction and rigid fixation using transarticular screws. This technique causes further articular surface damage that theoretically may increase the risk of arthritis. Should the screws break, hardware removal is difficult. An alternative method(More)
Lisfranc joint injuries may be missed at the time of occurrence potentially leading to persistent instability, deformity, or arthritis. In the absence of significant residual arthritis or fixed deformity, delayed open reduction and internal fixation with or without reconstruction of the Lisfranc ligament may be performed. An alternative is reduction and(More)
BACKGROUND Triceps surae contractures have been associated with foot and ankle pathology. Achilles tendon contractures have been shown to shift plantar foot pressure from the heel to the forefoot. The purpose of this study was to determine whether isolated gastrocnemius contractures had similar effects and to assess the effects of gastrocnemius or soleus(More)
Angiotensin II, a potent vasoconstrictor, is known to stimulate Ca2+ mobilization and Na+ influx in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC). The fact that the Na+/H+ exchange inhibitor, amiloride, blocks angiotensin II-stimulated Na+ influx and is itself a vasodilator suggests that Na+/H+ exchange may play a role in the angiotensin II-mediated effects on VSMC.(More)
OBJECTIVES Our objective was to assess the effect of Therapeutic Touch (TT) on the proliferation of normal human cells in culture compared to sham and no treatment. Several proliferation techniques were used to confirm the results, and the effect of multiple 10-minute TT treatments was studied. DESIGN Fibroblasts, tendon cells (tenocytes), and bone cells(More)
BACKGROUND The surgical management of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction often includes transfer of the flexor digitorum longus (FDL) tendon through a tunnel in the navicular. Fixation often is obtained by sewing the tendon back onto itself. The purpose of this study was to compare this standard method of fixation with suture anchor fixation, a technique(More)