Michael Ruderman

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A novel nonlinear friction model with elasto-plasticity is proposed. Being in accordance with state-of-the-art friction properties the model provides a compact set of concentrated parameters and offers a complexity reduction when describing the hysteretic and the transient response of dynamic friction. Considering the first-order dynamic system with(More)
In comparison to classical cascade control architecture of DC motors, the state feedback control offers advantages in terms of design complexity, hardware realization and adaptivity. This paper presents a methodic approach to state space control of a DC motor. The state space model identified from experimental data provides the basis for a linear quadratic(More)
In this paper the modeling and observation of elastic robot joints with hysteresis is addressed. An adequate model of the joint torque transmission which could capture the hysteresis lost motion is of outstanding interest for design and control of flexible joint robots. A method of describing the significant joint nonlinearities such as dynamic friction and(More)