Michael Ruderman

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— Flexible joint robots, in particularly those which are equipped with harmonic-drive gears, can feature elasticities with hysteresis. Under heavy loads and large joint torques the hysteresis lost motion can lead to significant errors of tracking and positioning of the robotic links. In this paper, two approaches for compensating the nonlinear joint torsion(More)
A state-space formulation of classical scalar Preisach model (CSPM) of hysteresis is proposed. The introduced state dynamics and memory interface allow to use the state equation, which is rapid in calculation, instead of the original Preisach equation. The main benefit of the proposed modeling approach is the reduced computational effort which requires only(More)
—An algebraic expression for the Preisach hysteron, which is a non-ideal (delayed) relay operator, is formulated for a computationally efficient real-time implementation. This allows representing the classical scalar Preisach hysteresis model as a summation of a large number of weighted hysterons which computation can be accomplished in parallel. The latter(More)