Michael Rosenstein

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The Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) is a public resource that promotes understanding about the interaction of environmental chemicals with gene products, and their effects on human health. Biocurators at CTD manually curate a triad of chemical-gene, chemical-disease and gene-disease relationships from the literature. These core data are then(More)
One of the goals of humanoid robotics research is the development of a humanoid capable of performing useful tasks in unknown or unpredictable environments. To address the complexities of such tasks, the robot must continually accumulate and utilize new control and perceptual knowledge. In this paper, we present a control framework whereby control and(More)
In recent years, cyber security researchers have become burdened by the time and cost necessary to instantiate secure testbeds suitable for analyzing new threats or evaluating emerging technologies [1]. To alleviate this, DARPA initiated the National Cyber Range (NCR) program to develop the architecture and software tools needed for a secure, self-contained(More)
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