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Analysis of habituation is widely used to characterize animal cognitive phenotypes and their modulation. Although zebrafish (Danio rerio) are increasingly utilized in neurobehavioral research, their habituation responses have not been extensively investigated. Utilizing the novel tank test, we examine intra- and inter-session habituation and demonstrate(More)
Infrared oculographic recordings from three patients with hemianopia due to an occipital lesion showed that these patients employed a consistent set of (presumably unconscious) compensatory strategies to find and fixate objects. For targets in the blind hemifield, patients at first used a staircase strategy consisting of a series of stepwise saccadic search(More)
The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is rapidly becoming a popular model species in behavioral neuroscience research. Zebrafish behavior is robustly affected by environmental and pharmacological manipulations, and can be examined using exploration-based paradigms, paralleled by analysis of endocrine (cortisol) stress responses. Discontinuation of various(More)
Stress induced by social defeat is a strong modifier of animal anxiety and depression-like phenotypes. Self-grooming is a common rodent behavior, and has an ordered cephalo-caudal progression from licking of the paws to head, body, genitals and tail. Acute stress is known to alter grooming activity levels and disrupt its patterning. Following 15-17 days of(More)
The home environment is an important influence on the sedentary behaviour and physical activity of children, who have limited independent mobility and spend much of their time at home. This article reviews the current evidence regarding the influence of the home physical environment on the sedentary behaviour and physical activity of children aged 8-14(More)
Pendular nystagmus occurring during binocualr fixation and pursuit of near objects is true convergence-evoked nystagmus. Two forms of this nystagmus are described, one congenital and the other acquired in the course of multiple sclerosis. The congenital form was conjugate and the acquired form disjunctive. Neuropathological examination provided no(More)
BACKGROUND Outpatient ambulatory cardiac rhythm monitoring is a routine part of the management of patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF). Current systems are limited by patient convenience and practicality. METHODS We compared the Zio(®) Patch, a single-use, noninvasive waterproof long-term continuous monitoring patch, with a 24-hour Holter(More)
Flash-evoked visual responses of two patients from a family with congenital nystagmus showed marked asymmetry between the recordings from the right and left occipital regions in response to monocular stimulation. The asymmetries were crossed, ie, the degree of abnormality inverted when the stimulus changed from one eye to the other. Stimulation of both eyes(More)
OBJECTIVES Policy makers seeking to introduce new tobacco control measures need to anticipate community support to assist them in planning appropriate implementation strategies. This study assessed community support for plain packaging and smoking bans in outdoor locations in Australia. DESIGN Analytical cross-sectional survey. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS(More)
BACKGROUND Recent changes in home physical environments, such as decreasing outdoor space and increasing electronic media, may negatively affect health by facilitating sedentariness and reducing physical activity. As children spend much of their time at home they are particularly vulnerable. This study qualitatively explored family perceptions of physical(More)