Michael Rosen

Joe Perkins1
Rahul Sagar1
Yan Mei Wang1
Andrew Sabl1
Reinhard von Roemeling1
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The successful design of nanofluidic devices for the manipulation of biopolymers requires an understanding of how the predictions of soft condensed matter physics scale with device dimensions. Here we present measurements of DNA extended in nanochannels and show that below a critical width roughly twice the persistence length there is a crossover in the(More)
  • Andres Forero-Torres, Jeffrey R Infante, David Waterhouse, Lucas Wong, Selwyn Vickers, Edward Arrowsmith +12 others
  • 2013
Tigatuzumab is the humanized version of the agonistic murine monoclonal antibody TRA-8 that binds to the death receptor 5 and induces apoptosis of human cancer cell lines via the caspase cascade. The combination of tigatuzumab and gemcitabine inhibits tumor growth in murine pancreatic xenografts. This phase 2 trial evaluated the efficacy of tigatuzumab(More)
  • Rahul Sagar, Richard Tuck, Dennis Thompson, Nancy Rosenblum, Pratap Mehta, David Grewal +8 others
  • 2007
T HERE is a cartoon by Herbert Block, the legendary cartoonist of The Washington Post, which features two worried-looking officials seated at a desk. Holding up a file, one official says to the other: " Well, we certainly botched this job. What'll we stamp it—secret or top secret? " 1 If Block's cartoon summarizes the concern that state secrecy can be used(More)
This study determined the most efficient parameters of low-frequency/long-pulse gastric electrical stimulation (GES) required to entrain gastric slow waves and also evaluated the effect of entrainment and high-frequency, short-pulse GES on gastric electrical activity (GEA). Nine dogs were fitted with stimulation wires along the greater curvature.(More)
It is known that infinitely many number fields and function fields of any degree m have class number divisible by a given integer n. However, significantly less is known about the indivisibility of class numbers of such fields. While it's known that there exist infinitely many quadratic number fields with class number indivisible by a given prime, the(More)
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