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By analogy to drug dependence, it has been speculated that the underlying pathology in pathological gambling is a reduction in the sensitivity of the reward system. Studying pathological gamblers and controls during a guessing game using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we observed a reduction of ventral striatal and ventromedial prefrontal activation(More)
We investigated physiological characters associated with water balance in laboratory populations of Drosophila melanogaster selected for resistance to desiccating conditions for over 100 generations. Five replicate, outbred, desiccation-selected (D) populations were compared with their control (C) populations. Water loss rates of female D flies were(More)
Experimental evolution systems allow the genomic study of adaptation, and so far this has been done primarily in asexual systems with small genomes, such as bacteria and yeast. Here we present whole-genome resequencing data from Drosophila melanogaster populations that have experienced over 600 generations of laboratory selection for accelerated(More)
The measurement of trade-offs may be complicated when selection exploits multiple avenues of adaptation or multiple life-cycle stages. We surveyed 10 populations of Drosophila melanogaster selected for increased resistance to starvation for 60 generations, their paired controls, and their mutual ancestors (a total of 30 outbred populations) for evidence of(More)
We have examined starvation and desiccation resistance in 43 outbred populations of Drosophila melanogaster that have diverged from a common ancestral population as a result of a variety of defined selection protocols. The populations differ up to 8.5-fold in desiccation resistance and up to 10-fold in starvation resistance. We used these populations to(More)
Tests for the causal involvement of specific physiological mechanisms in the control of aging require evidence that these mechanisms can be used to increase longevity or reproductive lifespan. Selection for later reproduction in Drosophila has been shown to lead to increased longevity, as well as increased resistance to starvation and desiccation stresses.(More)
Most demographic data indicate a roughly exponential increase in adult mortality with age, a phenomenon that has been explained in terms of a decline in the force of natural selection acting on age-specific mortality. Scattered demographic findings suggest the existence of a late-life mortality plateau in both humans and dipteran insects, seemingly at odds(More)
Spatially separated visual objects that appear in alternating sequence can be perceived as a single moving object. This phenomenon of apparent motion enables us to perceive sequentially presented images as a motion picture. How does the visual system bind together single visual tokens to one moving object? Here we report a series of experiments(More)
A sib analysis of adult life-history characters was performed on about twelve hundred females from a laboratory Drosophila melanogaster population that had been sampled from nature and cultured so as to preserve its genetic variability. The following results were found. There was no detectable trend with age in additive or dominance genetic variances for(More)