Michael Romann

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BACKGROUND Specific physical loading leads to enhanced bone development during childhood. A general physical activity program mimicking a real-life situation was successful at increasing general physical health in children. Yet, it is not clear whether it can equally increase bone mineral mass. We performed a cluster-randomized controlled trial in children(More)
Previous research has shown that young male soccer players who are born early in a cohort are overrepresented on elite soccer teams. Selection advantages such as this have been termed 'relative age effects' (RAEs). Few studies have examined RAEs in elite women's youth soccer. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate the occurrence of RAEs in the(More)
Relative age effects (RAEs) refer to age differences between children in the same selection year. The present study investigated the prevalence of RAEs and their link to playing positions in Swiss junior soccer. Swiss male junior soccer players (n=50,581) representing 11% of the age-matched population - members of extra-curricular soccer teams - were(More)
Relative Age Effects (RAEs) refer to the selection and performance differentials between children and youth who are categorized in annual-age groups. In the context of Swiss 60m athletic sprinting, 7761 male athletes aged 8 - 15 years were analysed, with this study examining whether: (i) RAE prevalence changed across annual age groups and according to(More)
Relative age effects (RAEs) refer to age differences among athletes in the same selection year. This study analyzed birth date distributions of 301,428 female athletes (aged 10-20 yr.) in Swiss Youth sports and the subgroup (n = 1,177) of the National Talent Development Program (TDP) in individual sports. Comparisons showed significant RAEs in the(More)
Micropatterned adhesive surfaces may have potential in reconstructive surgery. The adhesion performance of mice ear skin to micropatterned poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) was investigated, under in vitro conditions, and compared to flat substrates. No significant difference in separation force F was observed between flat substrates and micropatterned surfaces(More)
BACKGROUND The second-to-fourth digit-length ratio (2D:4D) may be a correlate of prenatal sex steroids, and it has been linked to sporting prowess. The aim of the study was to validate dual-energy X-ray-absorptiometry (DXA) as a technique to assess 2D:4D in soccer players under 15 years of age (U-15). METHODS Paired X-ray and DXA scans of the left hands(More)
Physical performance is highly dependent on maturity. Therefore, consideration of maturity is recommended in the talent identification process. To date, skeletal age (SA) is assessed using X-ray scans. However, X-rays are associated with a 10-fold higher radiation compared to dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). The aim of the study was to validate SA(More)
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