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Applying relay attacks to Google Wallet
This paper evaluates the feasibility of the software-based relay attack in an existing mobile contactless payment system, and gives an in-depth analysis of Google Wallet's credit card payment functionality.
Cloning Credit Cards: A Combined Pre-play and Downgrade Attack on EMV Contactless
This paper introduces an attack scenario on EMV contactless payment cards that permits an attacker to create functional clones of a card that contain the necessary credit card data as well as pre-played authorization codes.
Security Vulnerabilities of the NDEF Signature Record Type
This paper takes a close look on the recently published Signature Record Type Definition and discusses its various security aspects, and introduces the signature record type and its usage and analyzes the security aspects of the current signature method.
Software Card Emulation in NFC-enabled Mobile Phones: Great Advantage or Security Nightmare?
Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of software card emulation based on existing application scenarios and recent research results finds that this form of card emulation potentially makes card emulation less secure and paves the way for interesting attack scenarios.
Applying recent secure element relay attack scenarios to the real world: Google Wallet Relay Attack
This report explains recent developments in relay attacks on contactless smartcards and secure elements. It further reveals how these relay attacks can be applied to the Google Wallet. Finally, it
Practical Attack Scenarios on Secure Element-Enabled Mobile Devices
An overview of the new risks imposed by mobile connectivity and untrusted mobile phone applications is given and the various APIs for secure element access on different mobile phone platforms and their access control mechanisms are analyzed.
Digital Signature Records for the NFC Data Exchange Format
This paper discusses the various aspects of digitally signing NDEF records, and introduces the readers to the NFC Data Exchange Format, its use cases and its potential security threats.
Relay Attacks on Secure Element-Enabled Mobile Devices - Virtual Pickpocketing Revisited
This paper presents a relay attack scenario where the attacker no longer needs physical proximity to the phone and simple relay software needs to be distributed to victims’ mobile devices and assesses its feasibility based on measurement results.
Comparison of the usability and security of NFC’s different operating modes in mobile devices
An analysis of both traditional and new communication concepts for mobile NFC devices, their current availability and, specifically, the features to provide security are evaluated.
Numerische Simulation von Fällungsprozessen mittels Populationsbilanzen
Fallungsprozesse werden mit Hilfe von Populationsbilanzsystemen modelliert. Dies fuhrt zu einem gekoppelten System von partiellen Di fferentialgleichungen (Navier-Stokes-Gleichungen, Konvektions-Diff