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SUMMARY A generic, mass conservative local grid reÿnement technique for the lattice-Boltzmann method (LBM) is proposed. As a volumetric description of the lattice-Boltzmann equation is applied, mass conservation can be imposed by allowing the lattice-Boltzmann particles to move from coarse grid cells to ÿne grid cells and vice versa in the propagation step.(More)
BACKGROUND Palonosetron is a new generation 5-HT3-receptor antagonist with a significantly prolonged half-life and a once-a-day administration compared to the conventional setrons. To evaluate the antiemetic efficacy of palonosetron in the daily hospital practice setting, a postmarketing study was carried out in Austria. METHODS Palonosetron was(More)
The alternative, vanadium-dependent nitrogenase is employed by Azotobacter vinelandii for the fixation of atmospheric N2 under conditions of molybdenum starvation. While overall similar in architecture and functionality to the common Mo-nitrogenase, the V-dependent enzyme exhibits a series of unique features that on one hand are of high interest for(More)
Upon reaction of gaseous Me3SiF with the in situ prepared Lewis acid Al(OR(F))3, the stable ion-like silylium compound Me3 Si-F-Al(OR(F))3 1 forms. The Janus-headed 1 is a readily available smart Lewis acid that differentiates between hard and soft nucleophiles, but also polymerizes isobutene effectively. Thus, in reactions of 1 with soft nucleophiles (Nu),(More)
The two-component metalloprotein nitrogenase catalyzes the reductive fixation of atmospheric dinitrogen into bioavailable ammonium in diazotrophic prokaryotes. The process requires an efficient energy metabolism, so that although the metal clusters of nitrogenase rapidly decompose in the presence of dioxygen, many free-living diazotrophs are obligate(More)
A new Li salt with views to success in electrolytes is synthesized in excellent yields from lithium borohydride with excess 2,2,2-trifluorethanol (HOTfe) in toluene and at least two equivalents of 1,2-dimethoxyethane (DME). The salt Li[B(OTfe)4 ] is obtained in multigram scale without impurities, as long as DME is present during the reaction. It is(More)
We performed long-haul WDM transmission experiments to compare 10 Gbit/s MSK and QPSK modulation with a channel grid of 12.5 GHz. A standard link setup with inline dispersion compensation was applied in combination with coherent detection and following offline signal processing. Both modulation formats showed nearly equal performance bridging about 4000 km(More)
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