Michael Rodler

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Android is an open software platform for mobile devices with a large market share in the smart phone sector. The openness of the system as well as its wide adoption lead to an increasing amount of malware developed for this platform. ANANAS is an expandable and modular framework for analyzing Android applications. It takes care of common needs for dynamic(More)
A Yersinia enterocolitica outbreak associated with "pork cheese" is described. The phosphate-sorbitol-bile method was combined with KOH pretreatment for isolation of the agent from food. The pathogenicity of the food and faecal isolates was verified with virulence tests: the calcium-dependent populations carried a 42 Mdal plasmid, showed HEp-2 penetration(More)
The aim of our examinations was to make clear whether listeriae occur in Hungarian milk products, first of all, in cheese. In the course of model-examinations, the most suitable enrichment- and isolation media were selected. An examination method was elaborated involving cold-enrichment and KOH treatment. Milk samples from different parts of the country and(More)