Michael Robinson

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In order to achieve genuine web intelligence, building some kind of large general machine-readable conceptual scheme (i.e. ontology) seems inescapable. Yet the past 20 years have shown that manual ontology-building is not practicable. The recent explosion of free user-supplied knowledge on the Web has led to great strides in automatic ontology-building, but(More)
Nations around the world rely on the correct and continued functioning of industrial control systems (ICS) to keep economies moving and provide critical services such as electricity and clean water. This paper provides an analysis of the current threat landscape facing ICS. Discussion is provided on the actors involved, their motivations, and specific(More)
—In this position paper we argue for the role that Topological Data Modeling (TDM) principles can play in providing a framework for sensor integration. While used successfully in standard (quantitative) sensors, we are developing this methodology in new directions to make it appropriate specifically for semantic information sources, including keyterms,(More)