Michael Rienks

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We investigated the effect of (a) different local climate and (b) thinning of the forest canopy on growth and N status of naturally regenerated European beech seedlings in a beech forest on shallow rendzina soil in southern Germany. For this purpose, a 15N-tracing experiment was conducted during the growing season of the year 2000 with beech seedlings(More)
The gas phase of the soil plays an important role in plant growth and development. We investigated the effect of rhizospheric NO as a signalling compound for N uptake of beech roots. Following exposure to NO, ammonium and glutamine uptake into roots were determined using (15)N-labelling, and gene expression of selected transporters was analysed by(More)
Rhizospheric nitric oxide (NO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are signalling compounds known to affect physiological processes in plants. Their joint influence on tree nitrogen (N) nutrition, however, is still unknown. Therefore, this study investigated, for the first time, the combined effect of rhizospheric NO and CO2 levels on N uptake and N pools in European(More)
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