Michael Rice

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Multiple antenna systems are a useful way of overcoming the effects of multipath interference, and can allow more efficient use of spectrum. In order to test the effectiveness of various algorithms such as diversity combining, phased array processing, and adaptive array processing in an indoor environment, a channel model is needed which models both the(More)
This paper describes the use of a polyphase filterbank to perform the interpolations required for symbol timing synchronization in a sampled-data receiver. The polyphase filterbank possesses advantages over architectures based on separate matched and interpolation filters. Interpolations are realized by filterbank index selection and a separate(More)
It is known that any multilevel continuous phase-modulated (CPM) signal with a single modulation index can be exactly represented by a sum of pulse-amplitude modulated (PAM) waveforms. In this paper, we show how multiCPM signals can also be represented in this manner. The decomposition is presented in general terms as a function of the alphabet size,(More)
It is well understood that the pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) representation of continuous phase modulation (CPM) can lead to reduced-complexity detectors with near optimum performance. It has recently been shown that the PAM representation also extends to CPM schemes with multiple modulation indexes (multiCPM). In this paper, we present a detector for(More)
Software defined radios ( S D R ) are highly configurable hardware platforms that provide the technology for realizing the rapidly expanding third (and future) generation digital wireless communication infrastructure. Many sophisticated signal processing tasks are performed in a SDR, including advanced compression algorithms, power control, channel(More)
We develop a reduced-complexity approach for the detection of coded shaped-offset quadrature phase-shift keying (SOQPSK), a highly bandwidth-efficient and popular constantenvelope modulation. The complexity savings result from viewing the signal as a continuous-phase modulation (CPM). We give a simple and convenient closed-form expression for a recursive(More)
Most current indoor propagation experiments measure the time of arrival of characteristics of multipath reflections without regard to angle of arrival. Because of the increasing number of systems that are used indoors and which use multiple antenna systems to combat multipath interference, a need exists for indoor propagation data which takes angle of(More)
This paper compares three candidate detection techniques for shaped offset QPSK (SOQPSK-TG) and Feher’s QPSK (FQPSK-JR), modulations which are embodied as fully interoperable modulations in the Interrange Instrumentation Group standard IRIG-106. The techniques are based on a common trellis-coded modulation representation and a common continuous phase(More)