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— Multiple antenna systems are a useful way of overcoming the effects of multipath interference, and can allow more efficient use of spectrum. In order to test the effectiveness of various algorithms such as diversity combining , phased array processing, and adaptive array processing in an indoor environment, a channel model is needed which models both the(More)
—This paper describes the use of a polyphase filter-bank to perform the interpolations required for symbol timing synchronization in a sampled-data receiver. The polyphase filter-bank possesses advantages over architectures based on separate matched and interpolation filters. Interpolations are realized by filterbank index selection and a separate(More)
—We develop a reduced-complexity approach for the detection of coded shaped-offset quadrature phase-shift keying (SOQPSK), a highly bandwidth-efficient and popular constant-envelope modulation. The complexity savings result from viewing the signal as a continuous-phase modulation (CPM). We give a simple and convenient closed-form expression for a recursive(More)
Software defined radios (S D R) are highly config-urable hardware platforms that provide the technology for realizing the rapidly expanding third (and future) generation digital wireless communication infrastructure. Many sophisticated signal processing tasks are performed in a SDR, including advanced compression algorithms, power control, channel(More)
—It is well understood that the pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) representation of continuous phase modulation (CPM) can lead to reduced-complexity detectors with near optimum performance. It has recently been shown that the PAM representation also extends to CPM schemes with multiple modulation indexes (multi-CPM). In this paper, we present a detector for(More)
A multipath channel model for wideband aeronautical telemetry links is presented. Channel sounding data were collected at Edwards AFB, CA, at both L-band and lower S-band. Frequency domain analysis techniques were used to evaluate candidate channel models. The channel model is composed of three propagation paths: a line-of-sight direct path and two specular(More)
A narrowband channel model for multipath fading in aeronautical telemetry applications is described. This channel is composed of a line-of-sight signal, a specular reflection whose strength is 20% to 80% that of the line-of-sight signal, and a diffuse multipath component whose power is 10 to 20 dB less than that of the line-of-sight signal. Thus the channel(More)