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This paper points out an empirical puzzle that arises when an RBC economy with a job matching function is used to model unemployment. The standard model can generate sufficiently large cyclical fluctuations in unemployment, or a sufficiently small response of unemployment to labor market policies, but it cannot do both. Variable search and separation,(More)
A fast AAM search algorithm based on canonical correlation analysis (CCA-AAM) is introduced. It efficiently models the dependency between texture residuals and model parameters during search. Experiments show that CCA-AAMs, while requiring similar implementation effort, consistently outperform standard search with regard to convergence speed by a factor of(More)
BACKGROUND Acute ventricular dilatation has important electrophysiological effects: Dilatation shortens action potential duration and refractoriness without an apparent effect on conduction velocity. These effects have been implicated as a potential mechanism of arrhythmias in patients with congestive failure. Because the influence of cycle length on these(More)
Disappearance kinetic characteristics of verapamil were determined in 9 patients after a single intravenous dose. From the pharmacokinetic variables determined, we designed an intravenous regimen to maintain a plasma verapamil concentration of 150 ng/ml consisting of (1) a loading bolus (10 mg over 2 minutes), followed by (2) a rapid loading infusion (0.375(More)
We examined the effects of left ventricular dilatation on epicardial pacing threshold, conduction velocity, and effective refractory period (ERP) in the isolated, retrograde perfused rabbit heart. Left ventricular size was modified by acutely changing the volume of a fluid-filled balloon anchored within the vented left ventricle. Increases in left(More)
In this paper, we apply a multiple regression method based on Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) to face data modelling. CCA is a factor analysis method which exploits the correlation between two high dimensional signals. We first use CCA to perform 3D face reconstruction and in a separate application we predict near-infrared (NIR) face texture. In both(More)
We construct and calibrate a general equilibrium business cycle model with unemployment and precautionary saving. We compute the cost of business cycles and locate the optimum in a set of simple cyclical fiscal policies. Our economy exhibits productivity shocks, giving firms an incentive to hire more when productivity is high. However, business cycles make(More)
and Bank of Finland " Good policy " and " good luck " have been identified as two of the possible drivers of the " Great Moderation, " but their relative importance is still widely debated. This paper investigates the role played by equilibrium selection under indeterminacy in the assessment of their relative merits. We contrast the outcomes of(More)