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a r t i c l e i n f o Facial expression is central to human experience. Its efficiency and valid measurement are challenges that automated facial image analysis seeks to address. Most publically available databases are limited to 2D static images or video of posed facial behavior. Because posed and un-posed (aka " spontaneous ") facial expressions differ(More)
Emotion is expressed in multiple modalities, yet most research has considered at most one or two. This stems in part from the lack of large, diverse, well-annotated, multi-modal databases with which to develop and test algorithms. We present a well-annotated, multimodal, multidimensional spontaneous emotion corpus of 140 participants. Emotion inductions(More)
True immersion of a player within a game can only occur when the world simulated looks and behaves as close to reality as possible. This implies that the game must correctly read and understand, among other things, the player's focus, attitude toward the objects/persons in focus, gestures, and speech. In this paper, we proposed a novel system that(More)
Head pose is an important indicator of a person's attention, gestures, and communicative behavior with applications in human-computer interaction, multimedia, and vision systems. Robust head pose estimation is a prerequisite for spontaneous facial biometrics-related applications. However, most previous head pose estimation methods do not consider the facial(More)