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OBJECTIVE The aim of this retrospective study was to analyze the long-term results of primary repair of median and ulnar nerve lesions. Clinical influence factors for nerve reconstruction were investigated. Furthermore, current score systems were inquired and evaluated on their effectiveness to illustrate the success of repair. PATIENTS AND METHOD(More)
BACKGROUND The use of antibiotic-coated implants may reduce the rate of infection and facilitate fracture healing after surgical treatment of tibial shaft fractures. A new biodegradable gentamicin-loaded coating of an implant (UTN PROtect) was CE-certified in August 2005. In this prospective, non-randomized case series, we investigated the clinical,(More)
BACKGROUND Posterior cruciate ligament injuries are often associated with injuries to other structures. The role of the posteromedial structures of the knee in these injuries has received little attention. HYPOTHESIS The posterior oblique ligament is an important restraint to posterior tibial translation in the posterior cruciate ligament-deficient knee.(More)
Screen magnification is an important means to support visually impaired people when working with computers. Many improvements have been made on appropriate software. But unfortunately, in the last years, those improvements where mainly in realization detail. A number of problems remain, that, to our minds, need conceptual rethinking. In this paper, we(More)
During eye tracking studies, vast amounts of spatio-temporal data in the form of eye gaze trajectories are recorded. Finding insights into these time-varying data sets is a challenging task. Visualization techniques such as heat maps or gaze plots help find patterns in the data but highly aggregate the data (heat maps) or are difficult to read due to(More)
BACKGROUND Treating traumatic fractures in osteoporosis is challenging. Multiple clinical treatment options are found in literature. Augmentation techniques are promising to reduce treatment-related morbidity. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of reports about extended indication for augmentation techniques. However, biomechanical(More)