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Agile software development is an emerging topic in software engineering. Industrial use of agile techniques is growing faster than our educational resources are being updated. Using an open courseware platform, OpenSeminar, we provide course resources for software engineering students about agile software development methodologies. These resources include(More)
Today, it is common for university instructors to compile links to online resources for the courses they teach, either as a supplement to a textbook, reading packet or, in some cases, as a replacement. Finding resources and keeping them up to date is time consuming. Instructors who teach similar subjects at different universities might benefit from working(More)
Software engineering is a rapidly changing field and new ideas, like agile software development, are emerging. As such, these ideas must be incorporated into software engineering courses so that students will be up-to-date on current innovations. To help address this problem, we have created the OpenSeminar in Software Engineering. For the OpenSeminar in(More)
In this paper, we examine the communication-performance link in the R&D laboratory, with an eye toward the effects of taskand equity-related communications on the social environment. We argue that social comparisons (in which employees make comparisons between themselves and their coworkers) can have deleterious effects on performance under certain(More)
A knowledge asset-based framework of technology transfer is proposed, illustrated by examples from studies of two international joint ventures. The framework depicts the organization as a collection of embodied knowledge assets. Differences between firms result from the different combinations of embodied knowledge types that are used to accomplish the same(More)
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