Michael RE Parkhouse

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We have previously described the development of cloning vectors for the production of OprI-based outer membrane fusion proteins in E. coli (Cornelis et al., 1996) and now describe the construction of a new vector, containing a lacI(q) gene, resulting in tight repression of the promotor and allowing its use in other Gram (-) bacteria. The new pVUB3(More)
A previously described Taenia saginata HDP2 DNA sequence, a 4-kb polymorphic fragment, was previously used as the basis for developing PCR diagnostic protocols for the species-specific discrimination of T. saginata from T. solium and for the differentiation of T. saginata from T. asiatica. The latter was shown subsequently to lack the required specificity,(More)
The specificity of sera from patients with amoebiasis was assayed on trophozoites of E. histolytica HK9, HM15 and HM2 cultured axenically and monoxenically. Glutaraldehyde fixed cell were incubated with samples of serum, the excess of Igs was washed out and the presence of unbound material of specifically bound antibodies was measured with radiolabeled(More)
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