Michael R. Watson

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— Cloud computing is an increasingly popular platform for both industry and consumers. The cloud presents a number of unique security issues, such as a high level of distribution or system homogeneity, which require special consideration. In this paper we introduce a resilience architecture consisting of a collection of self-organising resilience managers(More)
DNA methylation in plants targets cytosines in three sequence contexts, CG, CHG and CHH (H representing A, C or T). Each of these patterns has traditionally been associated with distinct DNA methylation pathways with CHH methylation being controlled by the RNA dependent DNA methylation (RdDM) pathway employing small RNAs as a guide for the de novo DOMAINS(More)
The plasmid vector pGreenII is widely used to produce plant transformants via a process that involves propagation in Escherichia coli However, we show here that pGreenII-based constructs can be unstable in E. coli as a consequence of them hampering cell division and promoting cell death. In addition, we describe a new version of pGreenII that does not cause(More)
—Virtualized cloud environments have emerged as a necessity within modern unified ICT infrastructures and have established themselves as a reliable backbone for numerous always-on services. 'Live' intra-cloud virtual-machine (VM) migration is a widely used technique for efficient resource management employed within modern cloud infrastructures. Despite the(More)
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