Michael R. Prinsell

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A general protocol for the coupling of haloarenes with a variety of allylic acetates is presented. Strengths of the method are a tolerance for electrophilic (ketone, aldehyde) and acidic (sulfonamide, trifluoroacetamide) substrates and the ability to couple with a variety of substituted allylic acetates. Secondary alkyl bromides can also be allylated under(More)
Alkylated terpyridine ligands are an increasingly important component of catalysis and dyes but are costly because their synthesis is challenging and often low-yielding. We report an improved method for the Pd/C-catalyzed dehydrogenative coupling of 4-picoline to form the bi- and terpyridine. The addition of MnO2 improves the yield of the reaction, making(More)
The first general method for the reductive dimerization of alkyl halides, alkyl mesylates, alkyl trifluoroacetates, and allylic acetates is reported which proceeds with low catalyst loading (0.5 to 5 mol%), generally high yields (80% ave yield), and good functional-group tolerance.
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