Michael R. Pepe

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This paper describes a software toolkit for programming heterogeneous multicore processors, such as the IBM Cell Broadband Engine (BE)™ processor, that contain explicit non-cached memory hierarchies. Emerging heterogeneous multicores contain specialized processing elements that do not possess traditional cache hardware. Instead, multiple levels of the(More)
Cell Broadband Engine ™ (CBE) processor-based systems have been available in various prototype forms for at least a year. This has given early adopter users the ability to implement their algorithms and assess the performance and programmability of the technology. In this paper we present application-specific benchmarks for intensive algorithms targeting(More)
The rapid proliferation in the use of technology through Point of Sale (POS) data by supermarket retailers has resulted in delivering value to consumers. This paper assesses how POS data is utilized by supermarkets implementing category management practices to deliver value to consumers. An interview was conducted with a category manager at a Northeast(More)
Gram-negative bacterial endotoxin is a potent immunostimulant implicated in the development and/or progression of a variety of diseases. The mammalian immune system has both innate and adaptive immune responses to neutralize endotoxin. In this study, a system was developed to monitor bacterial exposure by measuring the extent and nature of endotoxin(More)
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