Michael R. Marty

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The Wisconsin Multifacet Project has created a simulation toolset to characterize and evaluate the performance of multiprocessor hardware systems commonly used as database and web servers. We leverage an existing full-system functional simulation infrastructure (Simics [14]) as the basis around which to build a set of timing simulator modules for modeling(More)
This paper proposes a hardware transactional memory (HTM) system called LogTM Signature Edition (LogTM-SE). LogTM-SE uses signatures to summarize a transactions read-and write-sets and detects conflicts on coherence requests (eager conflict detection). Transactions update memory "in place" after saving the old value in a per-thread memory log (eager version(More)
Numerous studies have shown that datacenter computers rarely operate at full utilization, leading to a number of proposals for creating servers that are <i>energy proportional</i> with respect to the computation that they are performing. In this paper, we show that as servers themselves become more energy proportional, the datacenter network can become a(More)
The large working sets of commercial and scientific workloads stress the L2 caches of Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs). Some CMPs use a shared L2 cache to maximize the on-chip cache capacity and minimize off-chip misses. Others use private L2 caches, replicating data to limit the delay due to global wires and minimize cache access time. Recent hybrid proposals(More)
Improvements in semiconductor technology now enable chip multiprocessors (CMPs). As many future computer systems will use one or more CMPs and support shared memory, such systems will have caches that must be kept coherent. Coherence is a particular challenge for multiple-CMP (M-CMP) systems. One approach is to use a hierarchical protocol that explicitly(More)
Emerging many-core chip multiprocessors will integrate dozens of small processing cores with an on-chip interconnect consisting of point-to-point links. The interconnect enables the processing cores to not only communicate, but to share common resources such as main memory resources and I/O controllers. In this work, we propose an arbitration scheme to(More)