Michael R. Kelley

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The effects of isolation and generation on memory for order were investigated in 4 experiments. Experiments 1 and 2 examined the effect of isolation on order retention. Previous investigations in this area have yielded equivocal results. Experiments 1 and 2 revealed that isolation enhances memory for order: Isolated items were repositioned more accurately(More)
The phonological similarity effect--poor retention of order for lists of similar-sounding items--is a benchmark finding in the short-term memory literature. In our first two experiments, we show that the effect actually reverses following relatively brief periods of distraction, yielding better order retention for similar than for dissimilar lists, provided(More)
Since 1994, the US Federal Communications Commission has conducted 82 auctions of radio-frequency spectrum. Of these, 14 have been for microwave spectrum (above 1,000 MHz), which can be used for fixed and mobile broadband services. Often postponed, the upcoming 700-MHz auction is finally scheduled to begin on 24 January 2008. On the block will be the(More)
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