Michael R. Kellen

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The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer Analysis Working Group collaborated on the Synapse software platform to share and evolve data, results and methodologies while performing integrative analysis of molecular profiling data from 12 tumor types. The group's work serves as a pilot case study that provides (i) a template for future large collaborative studies;(More)
The detection of somatic mutations from cancer genome sequences is key to understanding the genetic basis of disease progression, patient survival and response to therapy. Benchmarking is needed for tool assessment and improvement but is complicated by a lack of gold standards, by extensive resource requirements and by difficulties in sharing personal(More)
Whole-cell models that explicitly represent all cellular components at the molecular level have the potential to predict phenotype from genotype. However, even for simple bacteria, whole-cell models will contain thousands of parameters, many of which are poorly characterized or unknown. New algorithms are needed to estimate these parameters and enable(More)
Perspective: A Need for Better Maps of Disease The revolution in health care that was anticipated by the sequencing of the human genome has failed to materialize 1. The failure rate for drugs in clinical development is still startlingly high despite unprecedented investment in R&D that reached a record $65 billion in 2009. This is largely due to the very(More)
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