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7Ivana Jevtic
7Mona Moieni
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OBJECTIVES This study examined whether chronic interpersonal stress is associated with cellular markers of inflammation and regulation of these responses by in vitro doses of glucocorticoids in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients. The association between these markers of inflammation and fatigue was also tested. METHODS Fifty-eight RA patients completed up(More)
Complicated Grief (CG) occurs when an individual experiences prolonged, unabated grief. The neural mechanisms distinguishing CG from Noncomplicated Grief (NCG) are unclear, but hypothesized mechanisms include both pain-related activity (related to the social pain of loss) and reward-related activity (related to attachment behavior). Bereaved women (11 CG,(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined whether nocturnal vagal tone as indexed by the high-frequency (HF) power component of heart rate variability is related to measures of sleep depth and daytime perceptions of sleep quality, sleepiness, and fatigue in alcohol dependence. METHODS Abstinent alcohol-dependent patients (n = 14) and comparison control subjects (n =(More)
Although bereavement is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in the surviving spouse, some widow(er)s remain healthy. Genetic variability in expression of inflammatory markers in response to stress may be the key to this observation. The present study compares bereaved vs. married/partnered older adults, investigating the impact of bereavement(More)
BACKGROUND Although inflammatory activity is known to play a role in depression, no work has examined whether experimentally induced systemic inflammation alters neural activity that is associated with anhedonia, a key diagnostic symptom of depression. To investigate this, we examined the effect of an experimental inflammatory challenge on the neural(More)
Although research has established links between feelings of social isolation and inflammation, the direction of these effects is unclear. Based on the role that proinflammatory cytokines play in initiating "sickness behavior," which includes symptoms such as social withdrawal, it is possible that inflammatory processes heighten feelings of 'social(More)
UNLABELLED Mindfulness meditation training has stress reduction benefits in various patient populations, but its effects on biological markers of HIV-1 progression are unknown. The present study tested the efficacy of an 8-week Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) meditation program compared to a 1-day control seminar on CD4+ T lymphocyte counts in(More)
Although research has demonstrated a relationship between proinflammatory cytokine activity and depressive symptoms, the neurocognitive processes underlying this relationship have remained largely unexplored. Here, we examined the effect of proinflammatory cytokine activation on the neural correlates of socially painful experience and associated depressed(More)
Behavioral scientists have increasingly included inflammatory biology as mechanisms in their investigation of psychosocial dynamics on the pathobiology of disease. However, a lack of standardization of inclusion and exclusion criteria and assessment of relevant control variables impacts the interpretation of these studies. The present paper reviews and(More)
PURPOSE This study seeks to define immunologic and inflammatory variables associated with persistent post-treatment fatigue in breast cancer survivors. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Leukocyte subsets, plasma inflammatory markers, and ex vivo proinflammatory cytokine production were assessed in 50 fatigued and nonfatigued breast cancer survivors recruited > or = 2(More)