Michael R. Hutsel

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The first concurrent measurements of the three-dimensional refractive-index and residual-stress distributions in a CO(2)-laser-irradiated fiber are presented. A Corning SMF-28 fiber was exposed from one side to focused pulses with durations of 100-500 ms. The cross-sectional form of the index modulation is asymmetric with changes concentrated on the side of(More)
Three algorithms for computing the refractive-index profile of azimuthally symmetric optical fibers via the inverse Abel transform are compared to determine their relative accuracies. Appropriate values of algorithm parameters are also determined. The direct differentiation algorithm, the iterative algorithm, and the Fourier algorithm are used to calculate(More)
A three-dimensional index-stress distribution (3DISD) measurement method for determining concurrently the refractive-index distributions (RIDs) and residual-stress distributions (RSDs) in optical fibers is presented. The method combines the quantitative-phase microscopy technique, the Brace-Köhler compensator technique, and computed tomography principles.(More)
A novel technique for determining two-dimensional, cross-sectional stress distributions in optical fibers and fiber-based devices is presented. Use of the Brace-Köhler compensator technique and a polarization microscope for the measurement of retardation due to stress-induced birefringence is described, along with the tomographic reconstruction process for(More)
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