Michael R Huber

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to estimate the total medical expenditures attributable to physical inactivity patterns among members of a large health plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. METHODS The study used a cost-of-illness approach to attribute medical and pharmacy costs for specific diseases to physical inactivity in 2000. Relative(More)
The trans fatty acid (TFA) patterns in the fats of ruminant meat and dairy products differ from those found in other (processed) fats. We have evaluated different TFA isomers in human breast milk as an indicator of dietary intake of ruminant and dairy fats of different origins. Breast milk samples were collected 1 month postpartum from 310 mothers(More)
Suicide victims frequently have had contact with physicians during the last year before death. However, oftentimes suicidal ideation is not reported overtly. This study investigates the course of contact rates of suicide victims with physicians during the year before death. Official suicide data and insurance company data were linked for 317 subjects who(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to determine patterns of regional brain activation during emotional stimulation in alexithymics as compared with normal controls. METHOD We used 15O-water positron emission tomography and an emotional stimulation paradigm based upon autobiographic recall of either happy, sad or emotionally neutral situations. 10 normal(More)
The endogenous opioid system plays an important role in the control of feeding behavior. Previous research has shown that antagonism of endogenous opioids will suppress feeding in certain models in both human and infrahuman species. In the current study, 16 normal-weight bulimic women were treated with low-dose naltrexone, the long-acting, orally active(More)
OBJECTIVES Suicide victims frequently have had contact with the mental health care system before they died. In this study, the rates, numbers and lengths of psychiatric hospitalizations of suicide victims during the last year before their suicide commission were assessed. METHODS The quarterly and monthly hospitalization rates during the last 12 months of(More)
The guidelines of the German Ministery of Food, Agriculture and Forestry outlining a Salmonella surveillance programme, "Leitlinien für ein Programm zur Reduzierung des Eintrags von Salmonellen durch Schlachtschweine in die Fleischgewinnung" (February 5th, 1998), provide a staggered spot-check size depending on the annual production of slaughtery pigs. A(More)
Dystonia is characterized by slow, repetitive, involuntary, often twisting movements leading to sustained abnormal postures and can be focal or generalised. In most cases, etiology remains unrevealed, some cases are hereditary, others have metabolic origin or can be attributed to focal brain lesions. The most common types of dystonia, spasmodic torticollis(More)