Michael R Galambos

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Noncirrhotic portal hypertension (NCPH) is unusual in North American patients. This study characterized patients with NCPH and human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) infection to identify potential risk factors for this association. METHODS Eleven consecutive patients from our urban hepatology clinic with HIV-1 infection and NCPH were(More)
Recent studies suggest that the serum level of Type III procollagen (PC-III) could be a valuable, noninvasive monitor of hepatic fibrogenesis. We have developed a sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay for PC-III procollagen isolated and purified from fetal goat skin which shows high cross-reaction for human PC-III. In a double-blind study, serum samples(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with primary biliary cholangitis have an inadequate response to first-line therapy with ursodeoxycholic acid. Seladelpar is a potent, selective agonist for the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta (PPAR-δ), which is implicated in bile acid homoeostasis. This first-in-class study evaluated the anti-cholestatic effects and(More)
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