Michael R. Fehling

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ions taken from a vocabulary of qualitative values. Constraints on relationships among current and historical data, combined with experiential knowledge on the reliability of data sources, support judgments about the reliability of observed data. * Criteria and representation primitives for critical events and alerts. Any event whose occurrence may have a(More)
Probabilistic conceptual network is a knowl­ edge representation scheme designed for reasoning about concepts and categorical abstractions in utility-based categorization. The scheme combines the formalisms of ab­ straction and inheritance hierarchies from artificial intelligence, and probabilistic net­ works from decision analysis. It provides a common(More)
This paper presents an approach to the design of autonomous, real-time systems operating in uncertain environments. We address issues of problem solving and reflective control of rea­ soning under uncertainty in terms of two fundamental elements: 1) a set of decision-theoretic models for selecting among alternative problem-solving methods and 2) a general(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an evidence-based maternal, newborn and child emergency training package for community-based frontline health workers (FHWs) in post-conflict South Sudan. METHODS In partnership with the new Republic of South Sudan, a multimodal needs assessment was conducted through purposive sampling, involving key informant interviews, focus group(More)