Michael R Duke

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Family-based association mapping was used to follow up reports of linkage between reading disability (RD) and a genomic region on chromosome 15q. Using a two-stage approach, we ascertained 101 (stage 1) and 77 (stage 2) parent-proband trios, in which RD was characterized rigorously. In stage 1, a set of eight microsatellite markers spanning the region of(More)
Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) is the most common form of complex congenital heart disease, occurring in approximately 1 in 3000 live births. Evaluation of candidate loci in a large kindred segregating autosomal dominant ToF with reduced penetrance culminated in identification of a missense mutation (G274D) in JAG1, the gene encoding jagged1, a Notch ligand(More)
Linkage disequilibrium (LD) mapping was used to follow up reports of linkage between reading disability (RD) and an 18 cM region of chromosome 6p21.3-22. Using a two-stage approach, we tested for association between RD and 22 microsatellite markers in two independent samples of 101 (Stage 1) and 77 (Stage 2) parent/proband trios in which RD was rigorously(More)
BACKGROUND Enhancing the upward translocation of heavy metals such as Zn from root to shoot through genetic engineering has potential for biofortification and phytoremediation. This study examined the contribution of the heavy metal-transporting ATPase, AtHMA4, to the shoot ionomic profile of soil-grown plants, and investigated the importance of the(More)
Although there are over one million farmworkers in the United States, little is known about intimate partner violence (IPV) among this population. Given the particular demands of agricultural labor, however, farmworkers and their partners are highly susceptible to a host of occupation-specific stressors that may result in relationship conflict, and(More)
Although day laborers are likely to suffer from high rates of work-related stress, there are no survey measures that focus on stress among this occupational group. Accordingly, we tested the validity and reliability of the Migrant Stress Inventory (MSI), a scale originally designed for migrant farmworkers. Based on survey data collected from day laborers (N(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine the contribution of male unemployment and each partner’s problem drinking to risk for male-to-female partner violence (MFPV) and female-to-male partner violence (FMPV) among a sample of construction industry workers and their spouses/partners. Participants in the sample (n = 848 couples) completed cross-sectional(More)
Latino combat soldiers report both higher prevalence and greater overall severity of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms than non-Hispanic Caucasians. However, these veterans face unique social and cultural barriers to accessing treatment for PTSD that distinguish them from their non-Hispanic white counterparts. Latino veterans who reside in(More)
Parental monitoring is defined as a set of behaviors used to gain knowledge about an adolescent's whereabouts, friends and associates, and activities. However, can knowledge of adolescents' whereabouts/activities, and friends all be attained through the same strategies? Or do they require their own strategies? This study used qualitative interviews with 173(More)
Understanding how each partner's alcohol problems may contribute to the risk of male-to-female only, female-to-male only, or bidirectional partner violence is important for the prevention and treatment of these problems. Multinomial regression analysis was conducted using data from 848 blue-collar couples. Findings suggest that male alcohol problems are(More)