Michael R. Dransfield

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In this paper we bring together the areas of combinatorics and propositional satisfiability. Many combinatorial theorems establish, often constructively, the existence of positive integer functions, without actually providing their closed algebraic form or tight lower and upper bounds. The area of Ramsey theory is especially rich in such results. Using the(More)
We present a new approach to SAT solvers, supporting efficient implementation of highly sophisticated search heuristics over a range of propositional inputs, including CNF formulas, but particularly BDDs. The approach memoizes search information using a new form of lookahead, called local-functioncomplete lookahead, during an extensive preprocessing phase;(More)
Recent work has shown the value of using propositional SAT solvers, as opposed to pure BDD solvers, for solving many real-world Boolean Satisfiability problems including Bounded Model Checking problems (BMC). We propose a SAT solver paradigm which combines the use of BDDs and search methods to support efficient implementation of complex search heuristics(More)
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