Michael R. Donat

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This paper introduces a new notation called S which is based on higher order logic. It has been developed specifically to support the practical application of formal methods in industrial scale projects. The development of S has occurred in the context of an investigation into the possibility of using formal specification techniques in the development of a(More)
A partially automated process for generating tests has been experimentally applied to a portion of a real world system-level requirements speciication. This paper discusses the problems addressed by this process along with how and why this automation was achieved. The requirements were formalized using a notation designed to be readable by a large(More)
This paper presents a new, alternate technique for automatically generating system-level requirements-based test specifications. The proposed technique does not require the construction of a mathematical model of the requirements. Instead, a parsable structuring of textual requirements is used to capture the logical relationships between conditions. The(More)
Pagers, cellular phones, smart appliances, and Web services - these products and services are almost omnipresent in our world, and are stimulating the creation of a new breed of software: applications that must deal with inputs from a variety of sources, provide real-time responses, deliver strong security - and do all this while providing a positive user(More)