Michael R. Donat

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This paper introduces a new notation called S which is based on higher order logic. It has been developed specifically to support the practical application of formal methods in industrial scale projects. The development of S has occurred in the context of an investigation into the possibility of using formal specification techniques in the development of a(More)
A partially automated process for generating test procedures has been experimentally applied to a portion of the Software Requirements Specification for an Air Traffic Management system. This process uses algorithms based on formal logic to automate some of the more tedious and error prone aspects of deriving test procedures from requirements. This approach(More)
System-level requirements-based testing is an important task in software development, providing evidence that each requirement has been satis ed. There are two major problems with how these tests are derived. First, the notion of coverage is subjective, i.e., there is a lack of objective de nitions of coverage criteria. Second, there is a surprising lack of(More)
We describe a systematic approach to building tools for the automated analysis of specifications expressed in higher-order logic (hol) independent of a conventional, interactive theorem proving environment. In contrast to tools such as HOL and PVS, we have taken “the hol out of HOL” by building automated analysis procedures from a toolkit for manipulating(More)
A partially automated process for generating tests has been experimentally applied to a formal speci cation of a real world speci cation for air tra c separation minima. This report discusses the problems addressed by this process along with how and why this automation was achieved. Technical Report TR-98-04 Department of Computer Science University of(More)
Pagers, cellular phones, smart appliances, and Web services - these products and services are almost omnipresent in our world, and are stimulating the creation of a new breed of software: applications that must deal with inputs from a variety of sources, provide real-time responses, deliver strong security - and do all this while providing a positive user(More)
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