Michael R. Caputo

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Understanding more about how the brain functions should help us understand economic behaviour. But some would have us believe that it has done this already, and that insights from neuroscience have already provided insights in economics that we would not otherwise have. Much of this is just academic marketing hype, and to get down to substantive issues we(More)
  • Florida Orlando, James Wilen, Olli Tahvonen, Joshua Abbott, Santa Barbara, Daniel Kaffine +8 others
  • 2009
The canonical bioeconomic model of the fishery lumps together a myriad of bio-physical and economic processes into a single state equation. The traditional approach provides potent conceptual insights but has limited practical use in real-world fisheries management. This session presents generalizations to the canonical fishery model that are motivated by(More)
This article examines possible explanations for increased utilization of Powder River Basin (PRB) coal in electric power generation that occurred over the last two decades. Did more stringent environmental policy motivate electric power plants to switch to less polluting fuels? Or, did greater use of PRB coal occur because relative price changes altered(More)
Emergency healthcare systems in rural communities often have limited access to experienced trauma and emergency physicians. Advanced telecommunication technologies may offer an opportunity to help meet this need. We evaluated healthcare providers' satisfaction with the audio and visual components of an existing telemedicine system, and asked them whether(More)