Michael R. C. Jackson

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Although auditory verbal hallucinations are often thought to denote mental illness, the majority of voice hearers do not satisfy the criteria for a psychiatric disorder. Here, we report the first functional imaging study of such nonclinical hallucinations in 7 healthy voice hearers comparing them with auditory imagery. The human voice area in the superior(More)
— Worldwide air traffic levels are growing at a rate expected to double the current traffic level by 2020. The current technology Air Traffic Control systems are stretched to their limit and are prone to large delays during the peak summer travel season. There is doubt that the current systems can be scaled up to meet the expected demand levels. Many Air(More)
Food-based baits and lures remain the mainstay of eradication and monitoring methodologies for invasive mammalian species. To date, however, best-practise baits and lures for rats and possums have not been systematically compared to alternative food-based products in ways that quantify their effectiveness on free-ranging, wild animals. We designed a rapid(More)
Optical spectroscopy and imaging have been used in medicine since medicine was first practised. However, the more sophisticated instrumental methods now under development have made little impact on clinical medicine. In this paper a brief overview of the development of optical diagnostics is presented, highlighted by some successful pre-clinical(More)
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