Michael R. Brudzinski

Richard M Allen3
Devin C Boyarko3
3Richard M Allen
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a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Cascadia tomography segmentation episodic tremor and slip arc volcanism subduction zone structure Along strike variation in the characteristics of subduction zone processes has been observed throughout the Cascadia Subduction Zone through magmas analysis of arc magmas and the distribution of seismicity. We investigate links(More)
Great earthquakes have repeatedly occurred on the plate interface in a few shallow-dipping subduction zones where the subducting and overriding plates are strongly locked. Silent earthquakes (or slow slip events) were recently discovered at the down-dip extension of the locked zone and interact with the earthquake cycle. Here, we show that locally observed(More)
  • Pascal Audet, Michael G Bostock, Devin C Boyarko, Michael R Brudzinski, Richard M Allen, P Audet +4 others
  • 2010
[1] Episodic tremor and slip (ETS) events in subduction zones occur in the general vicinity of the plate boundary, downdip of the locked zone. In developing an understanding of the ETS phenomenon it is important to relate the spatial occurrence of nonvolcanic tremor to the principal structural elements within the subduction complex. In Cascadia, active and(More)
  • Caroline M Eakin, Mathias Obrebski, Richard M Allen, Devin C Boyarko, Michael R Brudzinski, Robert Porritt
  • 2010
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Cascadia subduction Mendocino Triple Junction Gorda-Juan de Fuca plate slab edge shear wave splitting Mantle flow associated with the Cascadia subduction zone and the Mendocino Triple Junction is poorly characterized due to a lack of shear wave splitting studies compared to other subduction zones. To fill this gap data was(More)
Double Benioff zones provide opportunities for insight into seismogenesis because the underlying mechanism must explain two layers of deep earthquakes and the separation between them. We characterize layer separation inside subducting plates with a coordinate rotation to calculate the slab-normal distribution of earthquakes. Benchmark tests on(More)
Using waveforms and travel times from deep earthquakes, we constructed 16 seismic profiles, each of which constrains the radial variation in Vp over a small area beneath the northern Philippine Sea. Taken together, the azimuthal coverage of these profiles also places tight bounds on the lateral extent of a region of anomalously high Vp (up to 3% faster than(More)
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