Michael R. Brandt

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Thermosensation is an essential sensory function that is subserved by a variety of transducer molecules, including those from the Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) ion channel superfamily. One of its members, TRPM8 (CMR1), a ligand-gated, nonselective cation channel, is activated by both cold and chemical stimuli in vitro. However, its roles in cold(More)
One of the most recently identified serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)) receptor subtypes is the 5-HT6 receptor. Although in-depth localization studies reveal an exclusive distribution of 5-HT6 mRNA in the central nervous system, the precise biological role of this receptor still remains unknown. In the present series of experiments, we report the(More)
In analgesic drug development, preclinical procedures are widely used to assess drug effects on pain-related behaviors. These procedures share two principal components: 1) a manipulation intended to produce a pain-like state in the experimental subject and 2) measurement of behaviors presumably indicative of that pain state. Drugs can then be evaluated for(More)
The discriminative stimulus effects of l-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM), l-alpha-acetylnormethadol (nor-LAAM), l-alpha-acetyldinormethadol (dinor-LAAM), buprenorphine and methadone were investigated in morphine-treated (3.2 mg/kg/day) rhesus monkeys (n = 3-6) discriminating between saline and naltrexone (0.01 mg/kg) and responding under a fixed ratio (FR)(More)
The effects of SNC80 and other structurally related delta-opioid receptor agonists were assessed under conditions of chemically induced hypersensitivity to thermal stimuli in four rhesus monkeys. The shaved tail of each monkey was exposed to warm water (38, 42, 46, and 50 degrees C), and the tail-withdrawal latency from each temperature was recorded. The(More)
C.E.R.A., a continuous erythropoietin (EPO) receptor activator, has been developed to provide stable maintenance of hemoglobin levels at once-monthly dosing intervals and smooth and steady anemia correction. The comparative EPO receptor binding properties of C.E.R.A. and epoetin-beta were assessed by surface plasmon resonance using soluble recombinant EPO(More)
This study characterized discriminative stimulus and other effects of naltrexone in rhesus monkeys treated daily with the long-acting opioid l-alpha acetylmethadol (LAAM). An initial dose-finding study assessed the rate-decreasing effects of naltrexone in three monkeys receiving LAAM daily (0.32-1.78 mg/kg); subsequently, these monkeys and a fourth received(More)
The prolactin, LH, FSH, growth hormone and cortisol responses to surgical stress were studied in female patients receiving halothane (general) anaesthesia or epidural analgesia. Plasma cortisol, prolactin, and growth hormone concentrations increased during surgery, and post-operatively in patients operated under general anaesthesia, but not in patients(More)
To evaluate whether there is a difference in mental function after general anaesthesia and epidural analgesia, a homogeneous group of 40 elderly men (age between 60 and 80) undergoing transurethral prostatectomy was studied. The study was prospective, randomised and double blind. Patients with all types of complications believed to impair mental function(More)
There is an increasing need for in vitro testing of compounds for topical application. Reconstructed epidermal models may provide a suitable and relevant model for screening compounds that may affect the activities of phase I and II enzymes involved in epidermal detoxification. In this study, we measured the activity of a phase I enzyme, cytochrome P450(More)