Michael R. Bagby

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BACKGROUND The diagnosis of mania largely depends on the quality of information the physician is provided with. Often, the patient cannot give an accurate account of the symptom development and thus information from relatives and friends is required. No systematic rating instrument is available, however, to facilitate this. OBJECTIVE In this study, the(More)
The purpose of this study was to study the relationship between alexithymia and gambling in a community sample of pathological gamblers. Pathological, problem and non-problem gamblers were recruited from the community via advertisements and completed an assessment of their gambling behavior and the Toronto Alexithymia Scale. Alexithymia was higher among(More)
Results from a recent taxometric investigation of the alexithymia construct, measured by the 20-Item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20), with English-speaking samples in Canada provided evidence that alexithymia is best conceptualized as a dimensional rather than a categorical construct. The aim of the current investigation was to attempt to generalize the(More)
Roman Kotov, Robert F. Krueger, David Watson, Thomas M. Achenbach, Robert R. Althoff, R. Michael Bagby, Timothy A. Brown, William T. Carpenter, Avshalom Caspi, Lee Anna Clark, Nicholas R. Eaton, Miriam K. Forbes, Kelsie T. Forbush, David Goldberg, Deborah Hasin, Steven E. Hyman, Masha Y. Ivanova, Donald R. Lynam, Kristian Markon, Joshua D. Miller, Terrie E.(More)
Migration is a major risk factor for schizophrenia but the neurochemical processes involved are unknown. One candidate mechanism is through elevations in striatal dopamine synthesis and release. The objective of this research was to determine whether striatal dopamine function is elevated in immigrants compared to nonimmigrants and the relationship with(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have reported inter-individual variability in the dopamine (DA) response to stress. This variability might be related to individual differences in the vulnerability to experience the negative effect of stress. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether personality traits as measured by the revised NEO personality inventory explain(More)
We examined the utility of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) validity scales (infrequent responses (F-r), infrequent psychopathology responses (Fp-r), infrequent somatic responses (Fs), symptom validity (FBS-r), and response bias (RBS)) in differentiating individuals who were asked to feign physical health(More)
a Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting, Ghent University, H. Dunantlaan 2, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium Departments of Psychiatry, University of Toronto and Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, M5G1X5 Canada Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, M5T1R8 Canada Centre for Addiction and Mental Health,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether male and female psychiatry supervisors are evaluated differently by psychiatry residents. METHODS The University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry compiled anonymous supervisor evaluations completed semiannually by psychiatry residents over a period of 3 years. Male and female psychiatry supervisors' ratings were compared by(More)
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