Michael Rückauer

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As processors and systems on chip in the embedded world increasingly become multicore, parallel programming remains a difficult, time-consuming and complicated task. End users who are not parallel programming experts have a need to exploit such processors and architectures, using high level programming languages, like Scilab or MATLAB. The ALMA toolset(More)
Since the introduction of the first reconfigurable devices in 1985 the field of reconfigurable computing developed a broad variety of architectures from fine-grained to coarse-grained types. However, the main disadvantages of the reconfigurable approaches, the costs in area and power consumption, are still present. This contribution presents a solution for(More)
Networks on Chip (NoC) have emerged as a promising interconnection technology for scalable many-core architectures. Proposed NoC-architectures and topologies often assume uniform distribution of traffic, where all tiles produce and consume the same amount of data. However, even in homogeneous many-core architectures the Network on Chip is used to access(More)
The large execution times demanded for solving complex optimization problems in embedded systems is one of the main challenges in the field of engineering optimization. One solution is the acceleration by a specialized hardware implementation. However, this is coming along with a loss of flexibility especially for the realization of the application-specific(More)
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