Michael Q. Anderson

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The view that the returns to public educational investments are highest for early childhood interventions stems primarily from several influential randomized trials-Abecedarian, Perry, and the Early Training Project-that point to super-normal returns to preschool interventions. This paper implements a unified statistical framework to present a de novo(More)
We surveyed patients to determine awareness and knowledge regarding risks and consequences of and prevention of surgical site infection (SSI), and we found that 26% of respondents thought that education for SSI prevention could be improved and that 16% could not recall discussing SSI risks and prevention with a health care worker at all. Only 60% of(More)
INTRODUCTION Limited data exist on patient factors related to environmental contamination with Clostridium difficile. METHODS We evaluated the association between the functional status of patients with C. difficile infection (CDI) and environmental contamination with C. difficile. RESULTS Contamination of patient rooms was frequent and higher functional(More)
For biosimilar drug development, it is critical to demonstrate similar physiochemical characteristics, efficacy, and safety of the biosimilar product compared to the reference product. Therefore, pharmacokinetic (PK) and immunogenicity (antidrug antibody, ADA) assays that allow for the demonstration of biosimilarity are critical. Under the auspices of the(More)
The positive relationship between SES and health is well documented but limited evidence exists regarding the effect of an exogenous manipulation of SES on health. This article estimates the effect of promotions on heart disease using data on British civil servants from the Whitehall II study. Differences in promotion rates across departments and cohorts(More)
(2008). Simple three-pool model accurately describes patterns of long-term litter decomposition in diverse climates. Combined effects of enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation and mineral nutrients on growth, biomass accumulation and yield characteristics of two cultivars of Vigna radiata L. Terrestrial export of highly bioavailable carbon from small boreal(More)
We surveyed patients to determine awareness and knowledge regarding risks and consequences of a central line and found that most patients were aware of the signs and symptoms and the negative outcomes of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI). Forty percent thought that education regarding CLABSI could be improved, 22% could not recall(More)
By applying the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's framework for strategic change (will, ideas and execution), The Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto, Ontario, developed processes to improve patient safety through the effective communication of critical test results. In response to an adverse patient event, near misses and accreditation(More)
INTRODUCTION Purpose Chemical contaminants in the environment can adversely affect living organisms at levels ranging from microbes in the soil to upper trophic level vertebrates, including humans. Concern for the effects of contaminants in the environment has led to the development of risk assessment methodologies that require exposure and effect data(More)