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INTRODUCTION The lack of comparability of evaluation results is one of the major obstacles of research and development in Medical Image Processing (MIP). The main reason for that is the usage of different image datasets with different quality, size and Gold standard. OBJECTIVES Therefore, one of the goals of the Working Group on Medical Image Processing(More)
This report is the first systematic national analysis of offshore outsourcing of state government work, focusing on information technology and food-stamp call centers. While " offshoring " by the private sector – especially high-tech companies – has received extensive media attention, a growing number of offshore contractors are also gearing up to capture(More)
DICOM 3 is a very elaborate standard for the communication between medical image devices. It is published in several parts by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). To adequately visualize the data structure defined in parts 3, 5 and 6 of the DICOM standard, we implemented the web based Dicom Search Engine (DicoSE). It allows for querying(More)
Zusammenfassung. Vorgestellt wird ein interaktiver Ansatz zur Registrierung von beliebigen, multimodalen Volumendatensätzen, durch den eine hohe Ge-nauigkeit, Schnelligkeit und intuitives, leichteres Handling der Daten im Ver-gleich mit automatischen Methoden ermöglicht wird. 2Markierungen Die Registrierungsmethoden für medizinische Datensätze können(More)
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