Michael Price

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This book is the second of two volumes (Schifter 1996) resulting from the work of the Mathematics Process Writing Project (MPWP) in the United States of America. The project was directed over a three-year period (1990–1993) by Deborah Schifter of the Center for the Development of Teaching at the Education Development Center in Newton (Massachusetts) and was(More)
— Flash LADAR cameras based on continuous-wave, time-of-flight range measurement deliver fast 3D imaging for robot applications including mapping, localization, obstacle detection and object recognition. The accuracy of the range values produced depends on characteristics of the scene as well as dynamically adjustable operating parameters of the cameras. In(More)
—Distributed, Real-time, Embedded (DRE) systems present numerous challenges with respect to certification of their real-time behavior. Ideally, to address these we would like to build a model of our system that captures relevant information about end to end real-time requirements, resource consumptions requirements and resource availability, and subject the(More)
—We describe an IC that provides a local speech recognition capability for a variety of electronic devices. We start with a generic speech decoder architecture that is programmable with industry standard WFST and GMM speech models. Algorithm and architectural enhancements are incorporated in order to achieve real-time performance amid system-level(More)
This paper develops a model that incorporates heterogeneity across preference structures where some agents exhibit pro-social behavior – " green " preferences in our examples – and some do not. We compare the relative performance of various policies to increase public goods provision in the presence of this heterogeneity. We find that technology standards(More)
Managing the welfare of laboratory animals is critical to animal health, vital in the understanding of phenotypes created by treatment or genetic alteration and ensures compliance of regulations. Part of an animal welfare assessment is the requirement to record observations, ensuring all those responsible for the animals are aware of their health status and(More)
This paper gives an overview of acoustic modeling and search techniques for low-power embedded ASR decoders. Our design decisions prioritize memory bandwidth, which is the main driver in system power consumption. We evaluate three acoustic modeling approaches–Gaussian mixture model (GMM), sub-space GMM (SGMM) and deep neural network (DNN)–and identify(More)