Michael Prasse

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Peter Wegner's definition of computability differs markedly from the classical term as established by Church, Kleene, Markov, Post, Turing et al. Wegner identifies interaction as the main feature of today's systems which is lacking in the classical treatment of computability. We compare the different approaches and argue whether or not Wegner's criticism is(More)
Zusammenfassung Peter Wegner vertritt einen Berechenbarkeitsbegriff, der vom klassischen abweicht, wie er von Church, Kleene, Markov, Post, Turing und anderen etabliert wurde. Insbesondere umfassen Wegners Ideen die Interaktion als grundlegende Eigenschaft heutiger Systeme. In dieser Arbeit erfolgt ein Vergleich der beiden verschiedenen Auffassungen sowie(More)
The ObjectLens framework of VisualWorks maps objects to tables. This mapping is described in a data mapping model, which itself is specified in one dataModelSpec method. This method is mono-lithic and defines the whole data model of an application. This is a suitable approach to start with. However, when the business area extends to a set of similar(More)
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