Michael Prasse

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Peter Wegner’s definition of computability differs markedly from the classical term as established by Church, Kleene, Markov, Post, Turing et al. Wegner identifies interaction as the main feature of today’s systems which is lacking in the classical treatment of computability. We compare the different approaches and argue whether or not Wegner’s criticism is(More)
The following article is motivated by the current efforts of the Object Management Group (OMG) to standardize object-oriented modelling languages. In the face of the great economic importance of such a standardization, a careful consideration of possible requirements for modelling languages is necessary. The development of suitable criteria and measures is,(More)
A primary purpose of the current study was to consider menu "depth" (i.e., number of levels) versus menu "breadth" (i.e., number per level) in a multiwindow display. For example, a study by Miller (1981) (cited by Shneiderman, 1986) found that eight item menus with a depth of two levels resulted in the fewest errors and fastest retrieval of a designated(More)
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